Exciting Changes Are Coming To Maxim Creative Invites August 15, 2019 21:28

Exciting News For Maxim Creative Invites

Hello friends! We have some exciting changes happening at Maxim Creative Invites that we want to share. In the past, our marketing and promotion have only extended to the items we design and produce for the wedding and special occasions industry. Our business model and the way our site works has changed. As of September 1st, our site will work in the following 3 ways:

1 - Custom designed wedding and special occasion stationery and gifts is the foundation of our business. We will continue to offer these services and can always be found at Metbride Bridal Expo and All About Weddings LTD. In addition, we will have a curated selection of stationery, gift, and products available for purchase directly from our online store. 

2 - We want to share the love.  We will promote fellow wedding and special occasion businesses in the area that offer relevant products or services that our customers or readers may find valuable. We will do so through blog posts and social media. Because we offer products for all of life’s occasions, we will promote such businesses as Wedding Attire, Wedding Venues, Transportation, Party Venues for Kids, Rental Equipment, Etc. Our hope is to facilitate a tighter community with our fellow professionals.

3 - We find, review, and promote great finds that are relevant to the wedding, baby, birthday or special occasion industry through various affiliate links such as Amazon, Target, Barnes and Noble and Etsy. These promotions can be found on Maxim Creative Invites, Maxim Creative Facebook Page, Fab Wedding Finds and Fab Mom Finds Facebook Groups.

What does it mean when it says, “This post contains affiliate links”?  

It’s simple. The post you are reading contains links to items at a store or business that we are “affiliated” with. We choose to partner with brands we already love and use. Occasionally, we are compensated to give our honest opinion on products and/or services. This will not incur additional cost to you. Any post that contains affiliate links or is a paid advertising post, will be disclosed in the post.

Why do we use affiliates, paid advertisers and sponsorships?

We only recommend products or services that we feel will deliver value to our readers and group members. We never recommend something we don’t personally own, like or think our readers would love based on our research. With full disclosure, of course, Maxim Creative is a small, local for-profit business, which means we do earn an income with this website. 

Please assume that any links leading you to products or services are affiliate or paid advertiser links and that we may receive commission or compensation from your purchase.

All efforts are made to ensure that affiliate links are disclosed in accordance with the FTC.

Please let us know if you have any questions by contacting us at maximcreativeinvites@gmail.com.